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Space Mayhem 3048 is a physics based game where your goal is to destroy a whole solar system using your spaceship. The ship's controller, cannon's joint, bullets, planets gravity and explosions are entirely physics based.

This short non-commercial game has been made as a prototype project for the Physics Programming exam during the Master in Game Development @ Università degli Studi di Verona. For the scope of this project, I've used external audio and graphic assets.


  • Goal: destroy all the planets in the solar system
  • How to destroy planets: throw them against the sun or throw them against each other
  • How to grab planets: shoot and destroy all the moons around it

My Contribution:

  • Concept and design of the game
  • Coding of game logic and game mechanics
  • Tweaking of lights, assets materials and post-processing effects

Platform: Web, Windows PC

Engine: Unity

Language: C#

Team size: 1


  • W: forward thrusters
  • S: backward thrusters
  • A: strafe left
  • D: strafe right
  • Q: roll left
  • E: roll right
  • F: shoot
  • LMB: attract planet
  • RMB: push planet
  • Scroll Wheel: change cannon direction
  • Team size: 1


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