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Internship project I've made for the IT companies Soluzioni Software and IDX Italy. The project consists in two Android applications made with Unity and Vuforia: LaptopAR and ThermostatAR. The applications lets users manipulate IoT data with Augmented Reality tecniques using smartphones, tablet and AR glasses.

My Contribution:

  • I coded how the application communicates with the IoT server
  • I conceived the concept and designed the application
  • I've integrated my application with a collegue's project so that the user can interact with hands gestures for a hands-free user experience
  • I designed and coded the user interface
  • I created the thermostat 3D model
  • I documented the project
  • I pitched the internship result to the company's leaders

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity

Language: C#

Team size: 2

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