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hey man  CAN U PLEASE JUST PLEASE MAKE A DIAMOND STORE HEIST AND DIFFERENT HEIST PLEASE MAN JUST PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game has lot of potential,i like it!

Thank you! :)



This was a lot of fun! The amount of things you have to manage at any given time adds a lot of suspense through the whole game and I can imagine it gets really hectic at higher levels. Did have one issue where enemies stopped spawning and the round wouldn't end so I was full up on money with nothing to do with it. Not sure if that was my own fault for missing something, but it made for a funny end to the video!

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Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback! I did not expect the game could have any of this visibility!

The Final Heist has been made as an university project during a master focused on Game Development, and it has been developed in just a month. I have made this game with other students as a graduation project, and I'm really happy that you took some of your time to play it, and I'm glad you had some fun out of it!

There are some known issues, like the hostages that "ressurect", and due to the lack of time some of the stuff is not explicitly shown, as you correctly pointed out. We'll upload a new build soon with some of the "broken stuff" fixed.

Let me now if you or anyone on your team is involved with anything in the future! I love following developers and seeing the range of what they create! Are any of you guys on twitter? I couldn't find you over there.

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I have a Twitter account but I do not post anything on it. Anyway, feel free to follow me on, I really appreciate your interest!

Downloaded but had issues unpacking... 

I'll look into it asap :)

I've tried to unpack it and I didn't have any issue, but I'm using 7zip. I'm going to upload a new pack with a new build soon.

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Download link updated.

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It worked now. I guess TFH was made with gamepads in mind because the mouse movement is... hard to handle. :)

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Hey Cryptic, thanks for playing the game! What kind of issues did you experience using mouse and keyboard? Was it too hard to aim? Was the mouse sensitivity too high? I appreciate any kind of feedback ;)


Mouse aiming is very very twitchy.. I've tried a controlled and the movement is smoother. It's very difficult to aim with the mouse.

Hi Cryptic, I was wondering if you played the game with mouse & keyboard WITH a controller connected to your PC. If that's the case, that could be the cause you experienced a buggy and very very twitchy mouse aiming. For some reason, the m&k controls are not working right when there is a controller attached. We are looking into it. Thanks for the feedback!


Heya, I think you can request more upload space on itch so you don't have to redirect to drive. I'll be checking your game out, looks cool!

The download link is now on itch. Sorry for the redirect to drive, it was a temporary link. Thanks for the tip anyway, and have fun! ;)