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Just Another Week

Just Another Week is a series of casual minigames glued together by a planning phase. Schedule your daily routine trying to accumulate physical energy, moneys and social value organizing your activities and playing the minigames at your best. The progress made each day will impact on your performances for the following activities, so try to manage your resources wisely!

Will you be able to survive a whole week?

Just Another Week is a short game made during Ludum Dare 39th. You can currently try out for free.

My Contribution:

  • I coded the persistent game logic between each planning phase and minigame
  • I contributed with the design and concept of the overall game after the brainstorming session, focusing on the planning phase and the game flow
  • I playtested and balanced the statistics involved with the planning phase
  • I designed and coded part of the planning phase UI
  • I designed and coded the main menu interface

Platform: Web, Windows PC

Engine: Unity

Language: C#

Team size: 8


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