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This world ain't big enough for the two of us!

High Noon Robots is a competitive multiplayer shooter played on a small planet, where two robo-sheriffs fight in a crazy and frenetic 1v1 deathmatch. You can shoot your enemy and protect yourself with the energy shield, but be careful: if you miss, you'll have to pay attention to your own bullets… It's a small planet, so watch your back!

You can also play it alone in survival mode, where you will have to avoid the bullets shot from evil red cactuses to survive as long as you can!

Requirements to play multiplayer: a gamepad controller is required for the 2nd player. It works automatically with Xbox controllers; in case of PS4 controller, an external software is needed to make Windows recognize the gamepad.

High Noon Robots is a short game made during Ludum Dare 38th. You can currently try out for free the post jam release. The game supports only local split-screen multiplayer.

My contribution:

  • I designed and coded the logic and the graphic appeareance of the bullets
  • I designed and created the level with the UE4 built in editor and blueprint's materials
  • I tweaked the lights in order to create the right color saturation and level atmosphere
  • I followed the design of the character with the technical artist
  • I've contributed with the design and concept of the game after the brainstorming session
  • I've playtested the final game and bug-fixed the post jam version

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Languages: Blueprint, C++

Team size: 12

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Published 89 days ago
AuthorRiccardo Rizzo


High Noon Robots 129 MB

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